It's Cold Up North

  oresome 24 Aug 12

A new EU ruling means that expats living in sunnier climes are entitled to receive the governments winter fuel allowance.

To limit the cost of the benefit, it's proposed that a temperature threshold is set. This could mean that those over sixty in the south of England lose out as well as limiting the number of expats receiving it.

Perhaps you will have to declare whether you live in a south facing aspect house in borderline cases?

The reality is that the benefit will probably wither on the vine anyway due to it not keeping pace with fuel inflation.

  hssutton 24 Aug 12

I can't see this happening. All the tory voters down south would lose the benefit whilst all the labour voters north of England + Scotland would receive it. Not sure what would happen in the Midlands though. I'm south of the Humber on the very cold East Coast, so maybe I would continue to receive it.

  morddwyd 24 Aug 12

Sleet on Ben Nevis earlier this week.

Looking forward to the cold weather benefit kicking in on my next pension payment!

  Quickbeam 24 Aug 12

"All the tory voters down south would lose the benefit whilst all the labour voters north of England + Scotland would receive it"

If ever there was a more sweeping assumption! Excuse me while I don my flat cap and take the whippets out for a run...

  hssutton 24 Aug 12

That's what the Express is suggestingWinter payments

  Flak999 24 Aug 12
  Bing.alau 24 Aug 12

Maybe the soft southerners could claim a summer cooling allowance?

  john bunyan 24 Aug 12

It would be far easier if they included it as part of the basic OAP - I would loose out a bit as it would then be taxable but as a soft southerner maybe I do not need as much as those in Everton / Knotty Ash region! The extra payments for extreme cold , as paid to those currently living near Ben Nevis could remain in place.

  Bing.alau 24 Aug 12

I hope they don't make it taxable. I have paid my fair share of tax and some unfair tax over the years. But things are looking up in my area. I actually got a tax refund of £10.20 a couple of week's ago.

But years ago when I managed a pub in Knotty Ash, the tax man took me to the cleaners because he didn't believe that I didn't smoke or drink which at the time I didn't. (It seems he didn't believe we could live on the income I was getting and save the amount I was saving etc....) My accountant and I were going to fight his assessment and his fines and other charges in court, but my wife was sick of all the tax man's threats. (They do seem like threats if you are normal people). She didn't want anything to do with going to court and her being the "boss" I gave in to her feelings. We ended up paying about three thousand quid which we didn't need to have paid. Yes I know I should have stuck to my guns especially with a good accountant behind me urging me to go to court. But the state my wife was getting into wasn't worth the hassle.

Anyway john bunyan, I didn't think you were old enough to be drawing an OAP.

  john bunyan 24 Aug 12

"Anyway john bunyan, I didn't think you were old enough to be drawing an OAP"

Been drawing it for over 10 years!

  Bing.alau 24 Aug 12

That's called cheating. Give it back.


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