Ventad 16:12 14 Oct 12

The Government change web site on 17th this month might have already been put in a thread if so I missed it. Click Here

  WhiteTruckMan 16:58 14 Oct 12

An obvious question is: Why?


  wiz-king 17:02 14 Oct 12

I like the "It may contain inaccuracies or be misleading." gives one a lot of confidence in the Government and politics . grin

I like the design and print styles.

  Ventad 17:16 14 Oct 12

WTM why!!

Probally because the other one worked and people found there way around too successfully and will now give them breathing space and an excuse to say that the right form was not completed. Not that it gave you 'perhaps' the right form in the first place. Perhaps i'm a little cynical.

  WhiteTruckMan 17:24 14 Oct 12

I suspect ventads answer might have more than a smidge of truth in it!

I might add that I don't have a great deal of confidence in HMG's track record when it comes to IT projects.


  Aitchbee 18:01 14 Oct 12

I would have suggested to David Cameron to let us 'Beta-Testers' on PCA give it a good 'going over' [only with FE's permission] so as to smooth out the rough edges ... just as long as we got a nice little freebie for our 'services'.

  Forum Editor 18:42 14 Oct 12

It looks pretty good to me. It's a beta version, so of course it's likely to contain inaccuracies - all beta versions do.

It certainly looks easy to navigate, so for the time being I'm giving it the thumbs up.

As to why?

The government site is complex, and full of information. Lots of people complained that they found it difficult to drill down to what they wanted. This is an attempt to simply the process, and based on what I can see, it does. The true test is always when a site goes live, and bears the full brunt of a heavy traffic load. That's when things can go wrong, and omissions and shortcomings come to light. All the beta testing in the world can't simulate that.

  Ventad 20:27 14 Oct 12


beta and three days to go call me cynical if you wish, but, even the beta programs that we check for other companies they do not leave it until three days to go as a beta, when they 'the government' spend billions (or near that) on useless computer programs that never ever succeed to what could be termed useful. I @ 70 could find my way around the last site, but I will leave my options open to the 17th and hope it helps those who are not so conversant with the internet.

My first thoughts were to advise people of the website change that was imminent(sp).

  WhiteTruckMan 20:33 14 Oct 12

In fairness ventad, you aren't saying how long its been in beta, merely its got 3 days to go before it becomes live.

However, I have to add in all honesty that I havent been slapped in the face with any government adverts informing me of the change, and the last time I went knowingly near what might have been a government website was about 3 monts ago when I checked the status of my latest bout of mandatory training for the driverCPC.


  Ventad 20:51 14 Oct 12


I had reason to go on directgov at the beginning of the month but did not notice the little advert in the top right hand corner that I assume has since been put there.

  morddwyd 21:24 14 Oct 12

I'm due to re-tax the car, so I might wait a day or so and give the live site a whirl.

That's about the only time I use the UK Government website, though I do use the Scottish one a lot.

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