Is it the PCA forum anniversary then?

  TOPCAT® 13:12 23 Dec 04

I rather think it is you know. Maybe the FE could enlighten us on the actual date. Either way, congratulations from yours truly. TC.

  Forum Editor 15:38 23 Dec 04

that I'm not sure of the actual date, TC but I'm pretty certain it was the beginning of this week.
In any event, we've definitely been online for four years now, so you can open that bottle of champagne.

I can remember the very first question I answered, too.

  It's Me 16:04 23 Dec 04

And it was?

  bremner 19:58 23 Dec 04 it alright to delete this file with a teddy bear icon ;o)

  CurlyWhirly 20:05 23 Dec 04

I can remember the very first question I answered, too.

You must have an truly excellent memory to go back 4 years! lol

  Forum Editor 23:25 23 Dec 04

the dangers of leaving computers in unheated outbuildings over the Christmas period. Someone worked for a charity that used these old buildings, and I explained about the dangers of moisture condensing inside the cases.

  Buchan 35 23:37 23 Dec 04

I was hoping you`d say something like " if you like to see what is on your computer switch on the monitor"

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