Is it my imagination.....

  Coffee Adict 13:44 25 Mar 08

but does the web page look slightly different, no welcome message at top left, I keep myself permanently logged in, wasn't sure if I still was, must be 'cos I would have had to log in to post.

  Coffee Adict 13:47 25 Mar 08

Sorry just noticed someone else in Helproom making a similar observation, guess its not my imagination then.

  interzone55 13:49 25 Mar 08

The blue is a different shade & the logo is new...

  VNAM75 14:02 25 Mar 08

"The blue is a different shade & the logo is new..."

Same here. Before the blue shade used to flicker as I scrolled up and now it doesn't.

  Bingalau 14:07 25 Mar 08

What's happened to "My Postings"?

  Stuartli 14:20 25 Mar 08

Use the Jump To menu at the bottom of each forum's threads page.

  anskyber 14:21 25 Mar 08

The red colour requires sunglasses to see it :-))

  Coffee Adict 14:23 25 Mar 08

Corrected that little spelling mistake tho' that WTM kindly pointed out.

  anskyber 14:29 25 Mar 08

Indeed, and the log on log off facility.

We are all locked into permanent membership. Now that's what I call lateral thinking.

  Monument 15:04 25 Mar 08

'Profile' top right becomes 'Login' if you do not have the cookie.

  Al94 15:09 25 Mar 08

Doesnt display properly on my screen now, searchbox top right has the yellow "Free Wi Fi Router" piece over it and the word Expert is partly concealed by the black part of the bad above P C Advisor. No Log In or My Postings either

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