It might be useful

  Kate B 14:39 02 Oct 06

... if there were a facility to post images on the forum. Quite often I'm baffled by someone's description of what's going on and it would help a great deal to see a screenshot with error messages and suchlike. I understand that it can be a load on the server but the ability to link, say, to a photobucket account would shuffle the hosting requirement away from PCA.

It could be fairly strictly kept an eye on, only allowing members to post images when necessary rather than random pictures of their pets, and I think it would help us diagnose quite a few problems.

  anskyber 14:44 02 Oct 06

I use image shack. After downloading this link click on image to enlarge. click here

  Forum Editor 18:08 02 Oct 06

and that works pretty well.

Over the years this subject has cropped up a few times, but we seem to manage as we are, and the problems associated with controlling image uploads are not something we want to take onboard.

  Jak_1 20:19 02 Oct 06

I know what you mean Kate but the problem is that it is open to abuse. There is a danger you would end up seeing images that you would rather not see! I have seen this problem on other forums/message boards. FE would spend all his time deleting distateful pics.

  jack 20:36 02 Oct 06

Concur with all the above Kate - A hosting service like image shack and there are plenty of others too
image-thrust for example and most of the browsers have their own versions.
There is the abuse angle too
This is a very big site perhaps the biggest and some folk who may be passing through have some strange ideas of what is fun.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 16:26 03 Oct 06

Has anyone got thoughts about Avatars on the forum.

  anskyber 16:58 03 Oct 06

Yes. I think I would leave it that happened. Before anyone thinks my view is a reason to get them on this site, I would hang around but I would fight like made to get these infuriating things removed.

  Kate B 17:18 03 Oct 06

No to avatars!

  Monument 17:22 03 Oct 06

I can think of nothing worse than jumping, flashing inane animations - please no avatars, emoticons or other junk often found on other forums.

  Monoux 16:02 04 Oct 06

No Ta to the avatatar

  DrScott 18:28 04 Oct 06

avatars, but I can see also see why they are not liked, so don't really mind not having them. Signatures are also another modification that posters like to have, and possibly worth consideration?

I think a useful feature would be a 'number of posts' for people who come here. It can give visitors and the like an idea of the level of experience / commitment posters make to the forum. Especially useful for the help forum I would think!

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