It gives me great pleasure

  Forum Editor 18:48 01 Dec 07

to declare the Christmas well-wishing season well and truly open. Feel free to post on the subject at will.

Everyone at PCA would like to start the proceedings by wishing all of you a very Happy Christmas and a happy and peaceful New Year. We're at the end of our seventh year online now - Where did all those years go? Without you none of this would have been possible, and I want you to know that we think we have the best bunch of forum members in the business.

On a personal note I would like to thank you all for your help and support in 2007. I really appreciate your unfailing willingness to help me to do my job (even when you don't always agree with me), and to provide those who come here with the benefit of your knowledge and experience.

Have a great Christmas.

  anskyber 18:51 01 Dec 07

To you and your occasionally long suffering colleagues the very same best wishes in return.

We appreciate you all in spite of the limited spates which happen in places like this.

  DrScott 18:53 01 Dec 07

want to say humbug...

But after such a nice post from the FE, I feel I have to say thank you too and wish all at PCA and the other forumites a very merry Christmas.

  Legolas 18:54 01 Dec 07

And so say all of us

  S5W 18:55 01 Dec 07

Thank you FE and a very Merry Christmas to you and all at PCA. If I may, I too would like to thank all of the helpful and informative posters on the forums, through them I have become reasonably proficient. Merry Christmas to all.

  crosstrainer 18:59 01 Dec 07

@ PCA towers....happy Christmas, and long may the happy, cheerful manner in which this forum has always been conducted continue! :)

  wellshgit 19:06 01 Dec 07

Thank you FE Merry Christmas to you and all at PCA and all Forum Members, and I hope we have the pleasure of this forum for many years to come

  bluto1 19:16 01 Dec 07

And a very happy Christmas to you and yours, and all at PCA towers.
Good fortune for 2008.

  crosstrainer 19:22 01 Dec 07

Seasons greeting's to all Welsh amongst us (no offence to anyone else) It did occur to me that more of us here in Wales exist here....Can't always tell from the name!

Happy Christmas!

  blanco 19:25 01 Dec 07

Gosh is it really that long ago. I can't say that I was here at the beginning but soon into the early part of the next year which means I've been looking in daily for coming on seven years even though I don't post that often because others always seem to be either faster or more qualified than me.

It is, however, part of my life now and the first response I ever had to a query was from China.

So best wishes from me and many thanks.

  SANTOS7 19:31 01 Dec 07

TO, Peter and all your PCA colleagues Happy Christmas and a prosperous new year.
To all PCA forum members Good fortune and seasons greetings to you.

[email protected].........

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