Is it April the 1st

  carver 16:11 14 Dec 10

Just be careful if you intend going to Qatar for the World Cup click here I hadn't thought about any thing like that until this article came out.

Just glad I only like women.

  egapup 18:44 14 Dec 10

And how are the English fans going to manage without beer???????

  Bingalau 18:46 14 Dec 10

I expect I shal be kicking only daisies by then (from below).

  morddwyd 20:09 14 Dec 10

"Just glad I only like women."

Even just liking women is illegal in some Islamic states, at least in public it is!

  birdface 20:17 14 Dec 10

And how are the English fans going to manage without beer???????
Did not know that they had already qualified for it.

  ams4127 20:53 14 Dec 10

I read somewhere the other day that, during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, there are plans to beam live simultaneous 3D holographic matches in Wembly. So the English fans can go there, watch the match and drink their beer.

I'm getting too old for this world!!

  Quickbeam 07:56 15 Dec 10

The last thing you want in 40 degree heat it loads of beer, and I can't see the quality of football being much good in that heat either, not to mention having the energy for any sort of physical exertion... whatever your bent.

  Clapton is God 14:45 16 Dec 10

And the current joke about Qatar (that great footballing nation) getting the World Cup in 2022:

Can you name any great Qatar players?

Eric Clapton? ;-))

  gengiscant 14:50 16 Dec 10

Jimi Hendrix was better.

  Pineman100 18:46 16 Dec 10

I don't have a bent. Everything about me is straight.

  carver 20:54 16 Dec 10

Just wait untill you are a bit older, every thing starts to bend.

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