Irena Sendler

  Noldi 17:59 13 May 08

Sad to here.
I shed a tear when I read about her in a German news paper article a few years ago and I will shed a tear for her now click here

With all the violence in the last few days lives have been wasted, All She wanted to save lives.
Rest in peace.


  Coffee Adict 21:30 13 May 08

To my shame I had not heard of this Lady until reading of her death. There were some good people out there struggling against the odds, often against disbelief in many cases.

  bluto1 22:43 13 May 08

Somebody will soon make a film of Irena's life and work. I hope they treat her well, and please not with an American accent.

  Legolas 07:59 14 May 08

I also had not heard of her but not to my shame but to the shame of a society that would rather idolise pop stars and footballers.

  Noldi 11:40 14 May 08

"but to the shame of a society that would rather idolise pop stars and footballers".

Could not agree more.

A few weeks ago I visited the IWC (International watch company) and they had watches that cost over £120,000, I asked who buys these watches the answer was Footballers and other sports stars, I thought then its not inline with real life.


  Bingalau 13:38 14 May 08

I am sure I have seen a program about this lady recently. But I can't remember where or when. Maybe it was just a book or an article in a newspaper I read. (My memory is in a right two and eight).

  anchor 16:00 14 May 08

On Monday afternoon I head an interview on the BBC World service with a Rabbi who knew her very well.

He told some of the extraordinary methods she used to get Jewish children out of the ghetto. To the end she did not consider herself a hero, and always reproached herself that she did not do more.


  Legolas 19:38 14 May 08

I think that is the way of any real hero's they see a situation and they do something about it. Because of the selfless act of this woman and others along with her thousands of children's lives were saved and their future and that of their family's were changed forever.

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