Intrusive adverts

  proudfoot 26 Oct 11

I realise a sites like this one need advertising to pay the bills etc, but it is intrusive and very annoying to have an advert like the present Microsoft one that every time you go to a new page opens up across the screen without any input from yourself. I could put up with an advert like this once when you first go to the site, but I tend to "switch off" after it has happened a couple of times. The small adverts to the right of this page and similar ones on other sites tend to get more attention from me. I treat adverts similarly on TV unless I am particularly interested. They are a good excuse to make a cup of tea or spend a penny.

  Matt Egan 26 Oct 11

Hi romanby1. I tend to agree with you, and we do feed back this information to advertisers. We're trying to limit the impact of this particular ad on the forums, and hope you'll see some improvement soon.


  Aitchbee 27 Oct 11

Matt - why can't you create an adverts click on area, where, I am sure everyone will have a 'peek'.

  Covergirl 27 Oct 11

Why start a new discussion on the same subject?

See here

Now, where's me thread locking tool . . . ?

  Quickbeam 27 Oct 11

This one's worse that the intrusive sound bites of the Samsung one, I could just turn the sound off for that and carry on regardless, but to turn the screen off, sort of spoils the computing experience somewhat...

I have the past used ad blockers, but have since disabled them, partly out of site loyalty, partly because it doesn't run so fast with these blockers having to make a decision every second and partly because you do actually miss out on some things, like the people that put signs up on the door saying 'no junk mail'.

But this one will defeat the advertisers if we start blocking en-masse again because of the annoyance factor.

  proudfoot 27 Oct 11

Covergirl. Missed that one.

  Aitchbee 27 Oct 11 least it is now double-barrelled.The argument...that is.

  Armchair 27 Oct 11

There's one with a robot on it, and another yellow one that splits the picture in half. The nightmare continues.

  rickf 27 Oct 11

This is the most intrusive one of all. Really annoying and time consuming to view new pages.

  john bunyan 27 Oct 11
  Quickbeam 27 Oct 11



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