Internet Explorer 7

  redbarron 10:33 21 Dec 06

Maybe it's me, but if this is the best Microsoft can do with this upgrade then I'll stick to IE6.

I thought the layout was terrible and confusing. Something you might have had made by Disney for AOL!

I'm not alone, as my brother-inlaw said the same.

Not impressed.

  rezeeg 10:39 21 Dec 06

What's the problem with the layout? Mine's all neat and tidy.

  tony58 10:42 21 Dec 06

same here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:02 21 Dec 06

Layout seems fine to me. Perhaps a visit to Dolland and Aitchison would be in order for you?


  hijo 13:51 21 Dec 06

i updated my pc a few days ago & although its got some great features i wasnt impressed with the fact since i put it on my pc after i rebooted it i couldnt get online....grrrr & then i had other issues so i uninstalled it....ill wait for next yr when m/soft get there finger out..

  J B 14:02 21 Dec 06

I quite like the layout, clean and tidy. I have had it since it came out, and apart from a few websites that won't show properly haven't had a problem with it. Takes a few minutes to get used to but whose counting. J.B.

  realist 15:33 21 Dec 06

I'm with redbarron on this (and I'm not his brother-in-law as far as I'm aware!).
IE7 caused myself and daughter probs and time- wasting on each of our pc's which have now both been rolled back to IE6.
I suppose it just proves the adage "new is not always better".

  seedie 16:55 21 Dec 06

you'll never look back. Honest :))


  QuizMan 21:23 21 Dec 06

Not popular in this household. I should know because my wife's been complaining about it for days and my ears are receiving a right bashing. She misses all those nice big buttons at the top of the page that she likes to click on. Especially the "Read Mail" one that wasn't provided in the default set of icons.

  tammer 21:40 21 Dec 06

and have had no problems whatsover.

I like the tabbed browsing and don't have any complaints.

  facepaint 23:48 21 Dec 06

IE7 is only a smash and grab of Firefox and came away with fingers missing .

Foxy lady is the way to go.

I use both but Firefox does feel cleaner and looks right.

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