Internet as alternative to 'normal' TV.

  DANZIG 22:06 26 Jun 09

We have a problem at work.

We have had a new staff room built in the bowels of the building and it is near impossible to get any kind of TV signal in there.

Our technical guys have been involved and informed us that its going to cost over £3000 to get the work done.

Obviously in these economic times this cost has been turned down, so I thought why don't we get the internet in the staff room?? The building already has this for work purposes so is it just a matter of getting a socket installed in the staff room and installing a wireless router?

This would, in my mind, mean that those of us with laptops could fiddle around to our hearts content in the massive 2 and a half hour gap between shifts.

I'm assuming we would also need a PC rigged up to a TV style monitor in order to watch TV over the internet.

The building DOES have a TV licence by the way.

Is it that simple or am I missing something??

  tullie 22:09 26 Jun 09

Cant they just run coax from outside aerial to tv?

  Forum Editor 22:56 26 Jun 09

of getting a socket installed in the staff room and installing a wireless router?"

In a word, yes.

  DANZIG 23:13 26 Jun 09

tullie - I thought that, but apparently we can't for some reason.

FE - Great! Lets just see if 'the company' can stretch to that!

  DANZIG 23:30 26 Jun 09

So is it just a question of getting a PC attached to a TV so we can watch some internet TV??

  WhiteTruckMan 23:35 26 Jun 09 I the only one to spot the gaping vulnerability this would open up, especially with people using laptops that might have picked up god knows what from god knows where?


  DANZIG 23:49 26 Jun 09

Surely our IT department can deal with that issue though?

  WhiteTruckMan 00:04 27 Jun 09

Quite easily - by saying no to the whole thing rather than let those with laptops to fiddle around to their hearts content.

How about one of those wireless tv transmitters that used to be available to transmit (say) the output from a video recorder to anywhere in a house? Just rig one to a cheap freeview box somewhere where the reception is good?

Or how about using the mains wiring? You can get lan adaptors that use the 240v power lines in a building. Can the same be had to distribute a tv signal? (I dont know about the last, I'm just suggesting possibilities off the top of my head)


  wiz-king 07:13 27 Jun 09

Letting you watch TV could be thought of as 'inhumane punishment'. Better to go to a jumble sale once a month and cadge a box of leftover books.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:35 27 Jun 09

click here is the site I use for watching all the main channels and Freeview ones. It is 5 minutes behind terrestrial TV. Of course there are all the IPlayer sites etc. All you need is an ordinary TV (LCD or plasma) with a VGA or HDMI connector at the back, a cheap laptop or desktop and a wireless keyboard/mouse click here


  jakimo 12:35 28 Jun 09

TVCatchup is a UK service and can be accessed only from within the United Kingdom.

Your ISP, Telewest Broadband, is a valid UK ISP and compatible with TVCatchup.

Access from another ISP and/or location may be restricted.
Ive looked at your link..Telewest Broadband no longer exists,any comment please?

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