Interesting link on my business page required...

  Z1100 12:45 01 Dec 06

Every month I put a link on my business home page to a site or a subject that is either current or unusual and interesting but eclectic. For example;

In October it was a link to the Women’s International Hockey World Cup in Spain. (My friend plays in goal for England)

In November it was (is), a link to ‘The Royal British Legion’. Being as it was Remembrance Day in November and I am an old soldier too.

Now that December has come around I am looking for this month’s link. I do not post links to other business sites, just interesting or unusual sites with a theme, but please not Christmas. I like Christmas but it is Christian and I prefer to be non-denominational.

This is where you come in, I have come up with ‘webmasters block’ in trying to think of a link for December and I am open to your suggestions. The link need not bear any connection to my business, so don’t ask about the site content it is not pertinent. A nice ‘cup of Tea’ type of site would do very nicely.

The winner of the chosen link gets to feel Smug for the rest of Today and the others have to content themselves with a ‘Could try harder’ report to take home…


  Totally-braindead 13:02 01 Dec 06

Well PCA have run a few articles over the last couple of years about various subjects and if you have a look through all the old mags you might get some ideas.
What about a link to map sites like these very handy if you're going somewhere new click here and click here

  hijo 14:23 01 Dec 06

i could talk to my cousin who play's pro rugby & played for Great Britain few weeks ago,he was in ausy & new zealand & had a bit of a Blast with them all including Keith Senior...!!
As some of you will remember he's voted one of the best in the game
let me know

  Simsy 15:10 01 Dec 06

The Ashes series...



  Z1100 13:58 02 Dec 06

I have come up with Cancer Research for now but I need other ideas for the future.


  Forum Editor 14:04 02 Dec 06
  Totally-braindead 21:49 02 Dec 06

Further to my posting earlier PCA did amongst others, a list of holiday related websites, a nice thing to warm yourself up with in the cold weather.

  Nellie2 19:28 03 Dec 06

Further to my post click here (which I will admit, I was going to bump a little nearer the time) I would suggest this link click here

  Dizzy Bob 19:37 03 Dec 06

At this time of year, i would respecfully suggest
click here


  Bob The Nob© 22:34 03 Dec 06

Mine, gimpfm. co. uk . Its quite silly, with things like the STD game and such like.

We also have a weekly radio show.

  Z1100 00:50 04 Dec 06

Mine, Hehe... I will add a link for your cheek!


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