Interesting article from todays Telegraph !!!

Who's for the EU ?

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  Weskit 11:55 23 Apr 08

The Bard's Richard 11 comes to mind... "This fortress built by nature" etc...

  Cymro. 11:59 23 Apr 08

I am all for the EU. The sooner we have an United States Of Europe the better as far as I am concerned. Do away with the pound and use the Euro, great stuff go for it and do away with the monarchy while you are about it.

Not that I expect any of the above to happen in my life time or for many on this forum to agree with me.

  Quickbeam 12:08 23 Apr 08

that Europe in general would then have to pay the bill for benefit migrants, and not leave us with the tab:)

  peter99co 15:34 23 Apr 08

It about time they sorted out which set of offices the MEP's want to use. Have you seen the bills they create by going backwards and forwards?

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