Insect Photos Close-ups.

  rdave13 26 Nov 11

Most colourful I've seen of bugs. My favourite is the Broad-headed Sharpshooter Leafhopper. Makes you wonder how they can set up these shots?

spider close-ups

  lotvic 26 Nov 11

Now usually I don't like 'bugs n things' but I found those close ups absolutely fascinating. I may just have found a new hobby interest. Thank you, now going back for a second look.

  Graham* 26 Nov 11

cleaning his fangs with his palps

This is a family show, after all.

  Forum Editor 27 Nov 11

Astonishing stuff - makes me want to throw my camera out of the window.

  rdave13 27 Nov 11

Forum Editor, I know how you feel and I'm useless with the simplest camera.

If GANDALF was still on these forums I bet he'd have something to say.

  Autoschediastic 27 Nov 11

Dave FANTASTIC link! thanks so much ive posted it on my Facebook profile and ive gained a little bit of merit from my contacts lol great pics! keep em coming!


  Aitchbee 27 Nov 11

Great makes me wonder what these marvellous creatures 'see', with their multiple and complex eye systems.

  hssutton 27 Nov 11

Actually this type of photo is relatively easy, especially with any Canon DSLR, but you do need the Canon MP-E 65 mm f/2.8 lens which costs around £780.

I don't have this lens, but with my 100mm macro lens + Ex tubes I take photos of dew drops such as this Dewdrop Refraction Would be far,far easy with MP-E 65mm

  carver 27 Nov 11

Those photos are brilliant and make any I've taken just fit for the delete button.

I've been trying to get the wife to buy me a dedicated macro lens and after seeing those photos I don't think I will mention the subject again.

  interzone55 27 Nov 11

Simply stunning, thanks for the link.

  Graham* 27 Nov 11

How about this of Sheffield? Click Download Image to make your Memory squeak.


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