Increase in Broadband speed

  throver 13 Apr 12

I continue to fume over the constant boasts ,by many,of the roll out of high speed broadband.Some of you should try living up here in Caithness where speeds of well under 2mb are common.I have no landline and enjoy speeds many times the cable values using my mobile dongle.The underlying ethos of the push is profit,justifiable,from a large customer base in the large city centres-but don't,please,let the goody goody aspect hide the dearth of rural services.You may gather that I am just past the flower of youth,but should still like to see a reasonable service for the countryside.

  Aitchbee 13 Apr 12

throver, I use a mobile dongle (1gb /month) and also a software product called Onspeed (£25 per annum) which enhances the speed and also the amount of browsing you can do per month. I have just renewed my subscription to December 2014.

I highly recommend it to dongle users. (I got a 30% discount 'cos I've used it for (ten) years. (£17.99)

I use it for my dial-up connection as well.

  Chegs ®™ 17 Apr 12

Here in rural cumbria,my BB speeds have varied from bits per second to just over 10Mbs/p/s once.My present wired connection runs about 5Mbs/p/s average,but suffers from no connection issues often.I don't get perturbed by these disconnections as my mobile phone is easily hooked up to my PC and I get up to 8Mbs/p/s with no losses.I often see articles in the local press stating we're getting superfast broadband trials taking place with a view to imminent roll-out,but I'm not going to hold my breath as by the time it arrives,4G will probably be available & that (from what I've heard)will make my present wired connection seem like dial-up in comparison.

  Condom 18 Apr 12

I have just noticed today that my local box has got itself a mate with the word fibreoptics on it. I wonder if this is a sign that my speed might soon be on the up..that is if they let SKY have access to it.

  finerty 19 Apr 12

u could try 3 broadband dongle, i use to be with them but times have changed, some claim to be fast and not, its when i changed my operating system from windows 7 to linux mint things went turbo. i mean really turbo flying.

  throver 19 Apr 12

Replying to finerty it is a 3 dongle I have and get rather better than the 148k my neighbour gets .Iknow the value becausethat used to be my access point.Throver


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