Impulse buying

  Curio 18:54 10 Sep 07

Ever get that feeling that something you 'might need' just has to be bought there and then? This urge is brought out in me when on-line or TV Channel shopping. Last item was click here and much cheaper than shown on this Advert. Bought one, then a second for my son out in Saudi. Just for a change a bit of a goodie! Some purchases don't quite work out and it obviously pays to do your homework before splashing out. I see from an earlier thread that some members did the same with Ipods of various types, so I am not alone. Glad to say most of my buys are relatively inexpensive, but how do you cure the urge?

  postie24 18:59 10 Sep 07

Cut your credit card up :))

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:10 10 Sep 07

Shrouds don't have pockets.


  Curio 19:14 10 Sep 07

Great comment! :>)

  Quickbeam 20:15 10 Sep 07

What's wrong with it?

  Curio 20:24 10 Sep 07

Read my posting - a bit of a goodie = a good buy!!

  Quickbeam 22:24 10 Sep 07

Only scan read it & picked out the "Some purchases don't quite work out"... I'll get one now!

  Si_L 22:40 10 Sep 07

Not having a job certainly helps to limit spending. But after weeks of searching, I was offered one today during an interview :)

  jack 08:42 11 Sep 07

I have found my self frequently walking home from our local monthly computer fair clutching a little blue carrier bag of a something purchased on impulse
Here are 2.
A wed Cam- tiny little thing with built in illumination by 6 white LED's the softwares not bad either -£15
It sits there on an improvised bracket looking right at me -Trouble is - I don't know anyone suitable up with SKYPE or other to talk to.

Now this one I thought a real need having been at a friend's house needing to plug in a USB device and not having a suitable lead.
It is a USB connector with one of very USB 'end'
in a neat little package- £6 - used it once to far .

  Forum Editor 17:49 11 Sep 07

Ask my wife what happens when we see a second-hand bookshop, or one of those clothing shops in country towns called 'Gun Hill' or 'Partridge Moor', or something similar.

I must have a dozen jackets "designed for the active countryman", and several pairs of boots that could help you cross the Mongolian plain, they're so rugged.

I just can't resist.

  Wrabitt 19:29 11 Sep 07

I bought a 40' TV at Easter-at £1350 a great web price. 5 months on its £700!
At least it is a super tv. I bought a cheap USB coffee mug warmer a couple of years back. What a handy thing except the base is too small for any of my mugs!
Will I ever learn...

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