Immigration Minister employing an illegal?.

  spuds 12:08 09 Feb 14

Perhaps another story for debate or discussion this windy and rather overcast dull day, on how an Immigration Minister can employ an illegal without committing an offense?. click here

  spuds 12:21 09 Feb 14

Another additional part to that story click here

  Aitchbee 12:29 09 Feb 14

It's an innocent mistake that anybody could make - obviously he was 'taken to the cleaners' by this scheming illegal n'er-do-well ... I do hope his sword was clean when he fell on it!

  Algerian peter ™ 13:59 09 Feb 14

Another non story. A mistake anyone could fall into. Even the Labour party and Liberal democrats are simpathetic to the minister.

  Forum Editor 14:27 09 Feb 14

Yes, this is a complete non-story.

Mark Harper is widely regarded as an able an honourable man. He made an error in accepting this person's credentials (copies of the cleaner's passport and a Home Office letter stating she had indefinite leave to remain in the UK) when she first applied for work, back in 2007.

He wasn't appointed to the Cabinet until three years later.

At no time did he break the law.

  fourm member 14:29 09 Feb 14

What it demonstrates is that the proposed immigration law (based on a knee-jerk reaction to Ukip) will be just about unworkable.

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:27 09 Feb 14

"law (based on a knee-jerk reaction to Ukip)"

Therein lies the problem with a great deal of Tory policy with regard to immigration and the European Union.

  Kevscar1 22:19 09 Feb 14

The first Honourable Minister in years

  Quickbeam 08:45 10 Feb 14

Ah, but has he been demoted to honorable from a right honorable?

  carver 09:40 10 Feb 14

I just hope that in future years that the same consideration will be given to other members of the public when they are unknowingly employing or renting accommodation to illegal immigrants.

How do they expect the ordinary person to know the difference in forged documents when he couldn't tell the difference.

  Pine Man 10:09 10 Feb 14

How do they expect the ordinary person to know the difference in forged documents when he couldn't tell the difference.

Why should he be any the more able to tell the difference than 'ordinary' people. He is an ordinary person who is an accountant that just happened to be elected as an MP.

Or do MP's go on special courses to spot counterfeit documents?

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