I'm a tad concerned over Ebay cars.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:53 27 Sep 06

Okay so I'm checking out Ebay cars and go to the main section that shows all the cars up for grabs and in 10 minutes I found 20 scam adverts such as click here The adverts uaually have a buy it now price that is frankly ridiculously cheap and to be honest, if you did send the money you deserve to lose it all.

There is uaually a contact email from yahoo, Kred or msn (free set up and no checks - geddit)

There is usually some spiel about the 'sellers' mailbox being full or inaccesible so you have to us ethe freebie email.

The cars' location is a bit vague.

Some buyers are registered in the States.

Now, my questions are, if I can find 20 without trying there must be more and some of the ones that I found were a day or two old. Why do Ebay not have one person that is deleting these pronto and why do they not put a sticky on the top of each page warning people (gullible even though they may be as they think they can buy a car that they could sell to a dealer for treble what they 'paid')?

I feel that there is something rotten in the car section and I suspect that the management are not doing all that they could or is one being a little too cynical?


  Kate B 12:03 27 Sep 06

Ebay is very much "caveat emptor", though, isn't it? Ebay should keep a sharp eye on stuff like that, I agreen, but it's so vast that it must be well-nigh impossible.

  jack 12:12 27 Sep 06

Although in the past I have purchased cars at an auction- here you certainly get to see them and have period on site to accept or reject - but buying a car 'blind' as on E-bay makes my mind boggle
Who would -I guess someone must- but they must be ripe for a rip off.

  spikeychris 12:36 27 Sep 06

click here has a few pointers but I agree - they need a better solution.

  Rigga 12:46 27 Sep 06

I would guess that the one GANDALF <|:-)> has linked to is a hijacked account.

All of their previous selling feedback has been about LP's.

It's always worth checking into previous feedback relating to the type of item in question. i.e. it is easy to build up good feedback selling small cheap items before a rip off auction is attempted.

As Kate B says "caveat emptor".

Although I agree that Ebay are probably not doing enough to stop this kind of thing.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:08 27 Sep 06

' would guess that the one GANDALF <|:-)> has linked to is a hijacked account',,,I found 20 in 10 minutes and if it is that easy what about all the pther Ebay sections?


  Curio 14:25 27 Sep 06

This is why I never use E-bay

  VoG II 14:33 27 Sep 06

Careful of some buyers as well click here :o)

  egapup 15:26 27 Sep 06

Never had any trouble with ebay but i wouldnt spend that sort of money unless i could actually inspect what i was buying.

  keiththebeast 17:04 27 Sep 06

ok ive just sent him a email that will proove if the cars his or not...!! i will let you all know asap ok..he has to reply to me as ive pushed him into a corner so i will be back ok

  Confab 17:15 27 Sep 06

If said villain thinks that sergeant shadow is watching then he’s gonna leg-it.

Nuff said ;-)


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