I'm sorry Guys but...

  pj123 15:43 13 Jan 06

where am I saving £300?

PCA Issue 128 March 2006.

Open Office 2.0

"Save £300 with the latest full version"

Isn't Open Office a free program anyway?

  PaulB2005 15:45 13 Jan 06

By not buying Microsoft Office i would think...

  pj123 15:59 13 Jan 06

PaulB2005, yes I see your point but I already have MS Office installed.

  Mike D 16:02 13 Jan 06

It's a bit like "She who must be obeyed" telling me how much money she's saved me by going to the sales to buy things that I didn't need in the first place.


  pj123 16:45 13 Jan 06

Don't you mean how much money she has saved by "not going to the sales"???

You know the sort of thing. "I have just saved £100 by not buying (whatever)".

  Totally-braindead 17:55 13 Jan 06

pj123 I've saved hundreds this week already and I'm sure I'll save more before the weeks ended.

  jack 17:58 13 Jan 06

I always have a little feeling of guilt if I buy something foe Me rather than us,
And when I pass a shop with a something in the window to drool over and then pass again and find it is no longer there, I get a little buzz and say to my self
" Some sucker has just saved me £XX00 quid."

  Mike D 18:04 13 Jan 06

Oh no, with "She", it's a case of I've only spent £x when it should have been £y.
Oh, how bountiful life is!


  SG Atlantis® 18:20 13 Jan 06

when I buy things it's for us, I then think of a use that would include both of us but really it's for me...

I agree how can you save £300 when you get something for free that was free to begin with...?

  rdave13 23:18 13 Jan 06


  pj123 11:05 14 Jan 06

Thanks for the comments, all.

I'll tick this one now as I need the time to actually read the Mag. I've also just found the February issue (still in it's wrapper) so I have a lot of reading to do.

Probably spending too much time on the Forum.

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