I'm a PC (The new MS Windows advert)

  dagnammit 00:38 15 Nov 08

"Life without Walls"

With no walls, where do the windows go?

  lotvic 00:53 15 Nov 08

must be a conservatory or a greenhouse

  simonjary 07:36 15 Nov 08

This misguided campaign is laughable. It's trying to answer Apple's "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" ads but misses the point entirely.

In the Apple ads the characters are personifications of the computers. It's not actually saying these are real people who identify with being Macs and PCs.

So Microsoft's effort where people say that they are a PC is nonsense, and who would ever really label themselves a PC.

Ironically, a Mac fan might actually call himself a PC, as a Mac is a more 'real' defined concept than a PC - which could be made by anyone and look completely different.

  John B 08:01 15 Nov 08
  Forum Editor 08:46 15 Nov 08

I've always hated the term 'PeeCee' anyway. An Apple Mac is just as much a personal computer as a Windows machine in any case.

Maybe I should call my Windows computer a WC.

  lofty29 09:19 15 Nov 08

I seem to remember that we used to use the term "ibm compatible" to distinguish from a Mac

  crosstrainer 10:04 15 Nov 08

Perhaps they are preparing us for "Cloud Apps" :))

No walls required!

  crosstrainer 10:04 15 Nov 08


  AL47 10:06 15 Nov 08

that ad makes me cringe

its very american style

  johndrew 10:33 15 Nov 08

`Maybe I should call my Windows computer a WC.`

Or to confuse the issue how about a Microsoft Computer - MC ;-)

  lotvic 11:11 15 Nov 08

now you are just taking the MicC

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