I'm not a gamer, but?

  packettracer 11:32 27 Jul 06

I'm not a gamer but was thinking of getting a shoot'um up or a flight combat game. Any ones out their for novices.

Any games that are cheap that i can buy, then if i want to buy something newer i can at a later date?

  Belatucadrus 12:23 27 Jul 06

You don't say what system spec you've got, but Microsoft do a couple of freebies that are worth a look, assuming you have broadband, the downloads are pretty huge click here

  packettracer 13:30 27 Jul 06

AMD Athlon64 3800, 1GB RAM, 128MB x800 PCI-e, 19"TFT.
Thanks for the link will download one later;-)

  kiddgame2000 13:49 27 Jul 06

Return to castle wolfenstein would be a good one to start on, or perhaps unreal tournament.

  wolfie3000 10:27 28 Jul 06

How about Gunsonline?

click here

Always reccomend this game and its totally free.

It will work on your system with no problems at all.

Also if your looking for a great game try Halo its cheap at the moment and should work on your system.

  freaky 10:56 28 Jul 06

Take my advice and don't start playing games, they become very addictive - I dread to think of the hours I have spent on them !

The last game I bought - Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth(2) cost me £35 - I then found my graphics card could not cope with it, so had to buy a new card for £114 !

  dontmeshwithme 13:27 28 Jul 06

Have a look at click here they have a good selection of older games at 3 for £10 including postage. You might like to try flight unlimited 3 for a flightsim, Rainbow Six 3 Raven Shield for a shooter and Worms Double Pack for addiction.

  ulrich 18:21 29 Jul 06

I'm 59 and I love this series, also Call of Duty.
LuCkily I can play in easy mode but passes a couple of hours away from the rubbish on the TV.

  Forum Editor 18:25 29 Jul 06

wolfie3000 senses a potential convert.

  wolfie3000 01:31 30 Jul 06


  rdave13 02:08 30 Jul 06

Agree with Fe I'm afraid, wolfie3000 will make you one of the gamers "clan" if that's the right term!!

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