I'm going to use the C - word

  WhiteTruckMan 25 Dec 11

And say merry christmas to everyone. I figure this is the one day I can sneak it's use past FE.

Now log off and go spend some time with family and/or friends. But just spare a thought for those who for whatever reason are unable to do so.


  morddwyd 25 Dec 11

Merry Christmas to all.

Thanks for your company over the last twelve months.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 25 Dec 11

Merry Christmas

Hope Santa has brought you all you wished for


  wiz-king 25 Dec 11

And if you want to drive the wife/kids/neighbours batty

  Forum Editor 25 Dec 11

No need to sneak it past me - it's been OK to talk about Christmas here since 25th November. Best wishes to you and yours,

  Condom 25 Dec 11

And to you after another good year of Editing, Formenting, or Whatever.

We are not dead just breathing a little slower for the moment while we recover from another terrible year.

  morddwyd 25 Dec 11


Spell check - are you sure you don't mean fomenting?!!

  WhiteTruckMan 25 Dec 11


Managed to sneak tinned tomatoes in to the thread without anyone noticing.

(But dont tell FE)


  lucky1 25 Dec 11

Merry Christmas to all.

  Bingalau 25 Dec 11

WTM I noticed but decided you had cheated to get those words in. Seems they are worse than the "C" word....


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