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  Macscouse 30 Jan 13

Up here in the North of Scotland, snowdrops are popping out everywhere in my garden, and the crocuses (crocii?) are not far behind. What's the betting that there will be snow on the Cairgorm in June?

  Aitchbee 30 Jan 13

...double carpets.

  Aitchbee 30 Jan 13

Macscouse, I'm rifling thru' hundreds of packets of flower seeds to see which ones I can start propagating ... spring is in the air [indoors only] ;o]

  Forum Editor 30 Jan 13

In broad terms it takes around eight weeks for Spring to move from Southern England to the North of Scotland - roughly walking pace.

In my garden the daffodils are just starting to come through the soil, so it will be a few weeks yet before it looks like Spring. The buds on my Camellias are usually the first to open, accompanied by the Magnolia - neither of them are looking like it just yet.

  spuds 31 Jan 13

I was only saying the other week in this forum, about the apple and pear trees on my property were showing large scale budding, so i was anticipating an early harvest.

When I saw the title I was a little concerned about Brumas and Bing.alau commenting :O)

  wee eddie 31 Jan 13

One of our gardeners has had all his Daffodils out for a week already - Ayr in S W Scotland

  Brumas 31 Jan 13

spuds I really wasn't going to respond but feel I now must if only to save the blushes of LHO ;o}

  Quickbeam 31 Jan 13

"crocuses (crocii?)"

I think the modern plural term is now OK, especially when some years ago the Queen referenced 'stadiums' in a speech. If it comes from her mouth, it's official Queens English.

My first Crocus has shown a petal this morning and the mini Irises are well under way. I have about a dozen terracotta planters with a few hundred spring bulbs every year giving about 6 weeks worth of spring has sprung. To me, they're the first feelgood factor heralding the end of winter.

  SimpleSimon1 31 Jan 13


"In my garden the daffodils are just starting to come through the soil, so it will be a few weeks yet before it looks like Spring."

Was down with my in-laws near Penzance, last week. Daffodils everywhere in full bloom, as are most of the early Spring flowers. Can't move on the trains for boxes of daffs etc being shipped up-country.

  fourm member 31 Jan 13


'being shipped up-country'

I hope the recipients know what they are getting.

Last year Chinese supermarkets in Bristol were selling bunches of daffodils with unopened buds and some people bought them as chives.

10 people needed hospital treatment.

I never found out if this was the customers making mistakes or whether a wholesaler supplying the shops got it wrong.

BBC report here.

  Forum Editor 31 Jan 13


Family friends have a flower business in the Isles of Scilly. Depending on weather conditions they can be harvesting early Narcissus crops in the autumn.


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