illusion with a cat and six cards

  Graham. 18:04 24 Apr 08

click here

How does it work?

  Forum Editor 18:14 24 Apr 08

because I'm not prepared to download a PowerPoint presentation from a site that I know nothing about.

I imagine others might feel the same way.

  sidecar sid 18:23 24 Apr 08

The second group of cards you see contains non of the cards from the first group.

  Graham. 19:13 24 Apr 08

I got it as an attachment, then googled it to show you. Never thought of the risk, sorry.

sidecar sid, thanks, brilliant.

  Fermat's Theorem 00:46 25 Apr 08

You asked how it works - the card you choose is not displayed, but neither are any of the original set. One obviously concentrates on one and thereby you assume that it is only that one which is not reproduced to you!

A interesting piece of illusional psychology :-)

  DANZIG 01:05 25 Apr 08

Quite liked that..

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