I'll be on the move all day on Thursday 7th

  Forum Editor 23:51 06 Jun 12

so may not respond to emails until the following day. I'll be in the forum on Thursday evening, and every day, but perhaps not posting so frequently for a few days(who cheered at the back?).

To those of you who tell me about our spam load - thanks, as always, and keep them coming - I'll be on the case as usual.

  Condom 10:56 07 Jun 12

Was It something you ate or drank? ;-)

  Forum Editor 11:01 07 Jun 12


Very good, but no, nothing like that. I'm on my way down to Provence to do some talking. Taking the TGV for a change, and very good it is too - comfort and speed.

  Condom 13:08 07 Jun 12

Have a nice trip. I'm taking the Virgin myself to London Next week on a rare trip south. But I bet the food ain't have as good as where you're going. Bon appetit

  Forum Editor 17:25 14 Jun 12

Just back, and boy does it feel good to have the solid weight of my silver deleting mouse in my hand.

  tullie 20:35 14 Jun 12

Try it in this thread FE,just to be sure you havent lost it!

  Aitchbee 20:52 14 Jun 12

I think FE's 'trigger-finger' is a bit rusty.

  wiz-king 05:29 15 Jun 12

Confucius he say - when FE's away, spammers play.


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