If your over a certain age its your fault

  Grey Goo 11:17 15 Oct 09

There are mutterings from within the EU that the financial situation of the UK is down to the elderly. Frankly there are just too many of us taking up valuable space and causing offence by existing.
In reply I give the Agincourt salute and hope that their grapes wither on the vine.

  badgery 11:38 15 Oct 09

Any links, or evidence of this?
Or just further 'blame the EU for everything' kind of post?

  Quickbeam 11:58 15 Oct 09

We must be the only EU country with bothersome oldies then...

  bremner 12:01 15 Oct 09

click here

click here

This does not only apply to the UK but to many EU countries with ever elderly populations.

click here's_Run ;o)

  bremner 12:03 15 Oct 09

The last link should have been an indication of a solution to the problem click here

  Quickbeam 12:12 15 Oct 09

Of course by the time I reach the culling age, it will no longer be necessary to cull the by then much reduced population. so it can be repealed at that time....

  Picklefactory 13:09 15 Oct 09

Pesky old fogey's, serves you right for not giving me my ball back when I was a kid.

  ol blueeyes 13:15 15 Oct 09

I've got a solution to all of this become an MP fiddle your expenses then we won't need a Pension

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