If you were American..

  rickf 09:22 22 Oct 08

If you were an American who would you wish to be the next president, Obama or Mcain??

  sunny staines 09:33 22 Oct 08

none any decent one would consider a nat health service for the worlds richest nation?

  The Brigadier 09:34 22 Oct 08

Who cars as long as the right to bare arms is still in the constitution.

Yeeee harrrrrr.

  WhiteTruckMan 09:44 22 Oct 08

You can roll up your sleeves any time you wish...


  canarieslover 09:45 22 Oct 08

You have the right to bare arms in this country. Just roll your sleeves up. If you want to bear arms you might have to go into the forces.

  newman35 09:47 22 Oct 08

Well said! (;-)

  jolorna 09:49 22 Oct 08

they might be classed as the worlds richest nation but there minimum wage is less than ours per hour

  GRIDD 09:55 22 Oct 08

Ah yes, the right to bear arms click here

....it's America, who cares.

"Every U.S. president has to have a war" - Gorbachev

I think he's about right too.... in my life, so far, America has always been fighting somewhere or other. So to me it doesn't matter who's in charge.

sunny staines - an NHS like ours would be too 'Commi' for the American way of life.

  gardener 09:56 22 Oct 08

If I were American I would vote for Obama simply in the hope that it would curtail the influence of fundamental Christianity in their politics.

  WhiteTruckMan 09:57 22 Oct 08

I'd probably be a lot fatter than I am right now.


  laurie53 10:33 22 Oct 08

"in my life, so far, America has always been fighting somewhere or other."

Glass houses etc.

Try and work out a period of a week since the 1930s (I don't go back any further) when the British armed forces were not engaged in offensive operations.

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