If you watch FREEVIEW, you need to read this.

  Aitchbee 23 Jun 13

Have you recieved your 'Let's Be Clear at 800~' postcard yet?


It's all about the new 4G mobile services that may be coming to your area soon. They operate at 800 MHz, a similar frequency to Freeview,and so may cause problems like loss of TV channels, blocky images and loss of sound.

Has anybody on the forum [who watches Freeview] been affected yet?

  alanrwood 23 Jun 13

From what I hear the problem has been very limited compared to the original estimates.

  N47. 23 Jun 13

Not had any information here. We have trouble getting a mobile signal never mind 3g. So I think 4g will cause us no grief. Have sky and freeview.

  Aitchbee 23 Jun 13

Thanks for the responses. I get my TV aerial signal from a large communal roof aerial [40 flats sharing] but I am more worried that the FM radio signal [it comes from same roof aerial] which may also get disrupted, as I listen to and record many Radio4 programs [the signal is very good at the moment but this may not be the case when the 4G masts are switched on in my part of the country ... central Scotland].

  alanrwood 23 Jun 13

FM is broadcast in 87-108 Mhz band so is miles away from the 800MHz band used for Freeview/4G. It will not interfere.

  sunnystaines 23 Jun 13

where i am moving too mobile 3g is scarce let alone 4g. "three" will no longer maintain signals due to not enough customers


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