If you are a suspect

  finerty 17 May 12

the police may extract all your data from your mobile phone and hold onto it even if you are found not guilty.

Mobile data

  wiz-king 17 May 12

If they look at mine they will find over half of the stored numbers are for the Met police, Surrey police, Kent police, Sussex police, MOD and other such institutions and the calls would be very boring.

  lotvic 17 May 12

wiz-king, ah, so it might be you that's been making all those anonymous calls ;-)

  Condom 17 May 12

Well if anyone looked at my phone they would mostly find a list of foreign numbers so perhaps they might think I was a spy or one of the UNusual suspects.

  Aitchbee 18 May 12

I was thinking of changing my identity in the same way that Sherlock Holmes did when he wanted to get a result when capturing the criminal under investigation ...even Dr. Watson was confounded and didn't have a clue when Holmes peeled off his mascara false eyelashes and woman's tights...

  john bunyan 18 May 12


Would you emerge from your disguise as ronalddonald?

  daz60 20 May 12

Dr Watson can't be much of a doctor if he can't tell the difference.!!

Censorship is the buzzword these days.

  Aitchbee 20 May 12

Irish comedian Dave Allen did a good sketch where the camara followed the top half of his body dressed as "Jack The Ripper" chasing after a young damsel, femininely attired in skirt n stockings n high-heels (the bottom half)...when the camera panned out to show Dave, he was dressed as Jack The Ripper top half and The damsel in distress he was chasing, the bottom half...a classic TV sketch.

  finerty 20 May 12

Ive got a new question what happens under the official secrets act concerning the police and the extraction of sensitive data

  Forum Editor 20 May 12

"what happens under the official secrets act concerning the police and the extraction of sensitive data"

The Official Secrets act isn't involved here. Mobile phone data would be covered by the data protection rules if it could be used to personally identify an individual, and if it was used for any purpose other than as evidence in a criminal prosecution.

The Police position would no doubt be that the data obtained from phones where no prosecution is brought will be held securely, will not be passed to a third party, and will be destroyed after a period of time. To which my response would be to ask why it's considered necessary to retain it in the first place.

  Condom 21 May 12

Probably held as securely as all the other evidence which seems to go missing all to often. They keep telling us their budgets are being cut too much so why the need to spend lots of money needlessly keeping all this info.


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