If you are not an engineer you will still appreciate this

  Bing.alau 19 Aug 12

Click link to see a miniature engine being built and assembled. Very interesting whether you are the engineering type or not. http://www.wimp.com/tiniestengine/

  rdave13 19 Aug 12

Nice to see a craftsman's work. Good link Bing.alau, thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19 Aug 12

deutzenginescreensaver_flash.swf is good, I used to use this for apprentices

  Forum Editor 19 Aug 12

Fascinating stuff.

  carver 19 Aug 12

Brilliant, took me back to my engineering days

  johndrew 19 Aug 12

Wow. Far above my final fitting project!!!

  WhiteTruckMan 19 Aug 12

A lovely piece of work, even though I didn't care for the musical arrangement over the film. I would have like to have seen more detail of the cylinder heads though. I have seen slightly larger V8's, but running under combustion, not on compressed air as this model was doing. Each cylinder in the V12 was in effect 'two stroking', as the timing gear shows that the camshafts are running are crankshaft speed, instead of half speed as in a functioning engine.

Still, a definite 'wow!' from me!


  Nontek 20 Aug 12

Superb bit of miniaturization.

Nice bit of filming too, much better than the run-the-mill U tube stuff.

  woodchip 20 Aug 12

Wonder Why he used Pushrod rather than Overhead Gear, May be as it's two stroke he was thinking of diesel

  sunnypete 20 Aug 12

Just to add my thoughts, in Nevil Shute's "Trustee from the Toolroom", one of the model engineers remarked on one of his creations "should have used hex rather than round-head, will do better next time"...

  SB23 20 Aug 12

That was fantastic, takes me back to my model car building and racing days, although I'll be honest and say that they were radio control car kits, nothing like that.


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