If only we'd listened...

  canarieslover 20:54 22 Dec 09

...Doh. I forgot, we couldn't have done anything even if we had. We never got to vote on GB for PM.

  canarieslover 20:54 22 Dec 09
  tullie 21:05 22 Dec 09

We never vote for a PM do we.

  Input Overload 21:11 22 Dec 09

My cat has more charisma than our PM. It makes me cringe when I see him going abroad representing the UK.

  Fensman 22:47 22 Dec 09

I can! His lips start moving. We are of course talking about the person who stole most of the money out of the pension funds. Then, told everyone that there was not enough money in the pension funds and we would all have to work a lot longer.

  Forum Editor 07:24 23 Dec 09

Nobody 'stole' anything from the pension funds. Try to use less emotive language to make your point.

  zzzz999 07:28 23 Dec 09

charisma, oh he looks good in front of the camera, oh he dresses very smartly, oh he makes great soundbites..........sadly this seems to be the level of political debate in the UK. We get the politicians we deserve.

  Forum Editor 07:36 23 Dec 09

for a Prime Minister, we vote for parliamentary candidates. It would be naive to argue that party leaders don't heavily influence voting patterns, because they do, but as far as elections go they are just parliamentary candidates like all the others.

Once a party becomes the government it can ditch one Prime Minister and appoint another, but the new PM (like the previous one) must carry the party's MPs with him/her in the house of commons - loyalty to the party (and personal conscience) will influence the degree to which that does or doesn't happen if core policy changes are proposed.

  Cymro. 15:30 23 Dec 09

People have complained enough about Tony Blair and he had plenty of charisma so now they complain about a PM with not enough charisma.
There is no pleasing some.

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