If one life isn't enough...

  rodriguez 15:29 11 Dec 06

...how about two? click here - you can use real money to buy land and run businesses and allsorts of things. I've joined, but only as a free membership - I don't see the point in spending money on virtual land. However other people do - in fact $627,870 has been spent in the last 24 hours and it has 1,932,418 total residents. Anyone else used this before?

  jack 15:32 11 Dec 06

there ain't enough hours in the day to do the life I've got let along play wishful thinking.

  Kate B 16:13 11 Dec 06

blimey, have you only just noticed Second Life?

  rodriguez 16:28 11 Dec 06

Yes I found it last night, but it's been going since 2003 or something like that I think. I've just spent most of today looking round and finding the bars... :-P

  Kate B 16:38 11 Dec 06

There has been masses of coverage of it - one of the many really interesting stories about it is that the Americans are considering whether they should, or even can, tax income earned in Second Life. Many big organisations have a presence in the Second Life world, bands have done virtual concerts there - it's a whole parallel universe. It's also thrown up some interesting issues about copyright click here

Some other links: click here
click here
click here
click here

  Forum Editor 17:26 11 Dec 06

but I think it's a fantastic concept - precisely the kind of thing that gives me hope for the future of the human race. It's innovative, appealing on all kinds of levels, and challenges those areas of the human mind that constantly need feeding.

I hope it continues to thrive.

  Watchful 17:33 11 Dec 06

I've only just discovered it and haven't had time for a proper browse yet but it looks interesting.

  Totally-braindead 17:33 11 Dec 06

Don't like it myself and see no point in it, I have better things to do with my time than live out an imaginary second life.
Every one to their own though. If you enjoy it then fair enough but its not my cup of tea at all.

  Kate B 22:43 11 Dec 06

I haven't got the time or patience to get involved in it myself but I'm watching it with fascination. All massively multiplayer online games are fascinating - they have fully functioning economies and social structures.

  Forum Editor 23:18 11 Dec 06

Interestingly, I think a lot of people who previously felt the same way have had their minds changed by Second Life. I know one supremely level-headed investment banker who would previously have considered a millisecond spent on an online game as a millisecond wasted, but he has plunged headlong into Second Life, and is now trying to involve his equally level-headed colleagues.

  p;3 00:16 12 Dec 06

is it not merely a virtual world on a computer? escapism from the reality of this world?

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