If it ain't broke, upgrade something.

  Snec 14:52 09 Jun 06

I sometimes wonder how many people using these forums actually have a useful need for a computer.

Reading the threads on these boards it seems quite a few people get a computer first, then look round trying to find something to do with it.

  wee eddie 15:32 09 Jun 06

All they need to be is un-reliable.

Otherwise, what should we talk about?

  spuds 16:45 09 Jun 06

Getting a computer is the easy part, it's trying to convince yourself that you know what you are doing, is the hardest part.

  Woolwell 16:58 09 Jun 06

This reminds me of when I was selling:

Customer: "I want a scanner. What does it do?"
Me: Stunned silence followed by explanation.

He bought one.

  SANTOS7 17:00 09 Jun 06

it's trying to convince yourself that you know what you are doing,

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few here that don't know what there doing..LOL

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:11 09 Jun 06

Getting a computer is the easy part, it's trying to convince the other half that is was worth all the money you spent on it, thats the problem.

  SANTOS7 17:53 09 Jun 06

AHH!! Fruit Bat /\0/\ you got one of those as well then.........

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:04 09 Jun 06


Worth the money you WANT to spend on it!

  J B 20:13 09 Jun 06


Getting all your duckets to the shop and the said goods back to the house before she changes the locks, me thinks!!! J.B.

  semag 20:15 09 Jun 06

I've had computers ever since the days of the good old Speccy, I think I know what to do with them, just wish I could afford to keep pace with all the new stuff.

  johndrew 20:17 09 Jun 06

Lots of us have no idea of what we are doing ... initially. That is why we ask questions and for help.

Whilst I see the irony (and humour?) in the post Woolwell made it may be worth reminding some of the experts on this site that there are others who are desperate to learn about their machines and the problems (some of `their` own making) that require good, competent help in resolving them.

As for `having a useful need` for a computer, well perhaps the modern world is to blame as communication, information and intelligence are all gained (almost invariably) by using electronic means these days. Unless there is a suggestion that we should all return to books, letters and asking questions!!!!

I thank those that provide unstinting and valuable help to me in my hours (plural) of need.

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