If this doesnt convince you Cash For Gold™ is a scam, nothing will!

  theDarkness 19 Aug 11
  theDarkness 19 Aug 11

ps forgot to say - click on the above message ;)

  buteman 19 Aug 11

My wife broke her chain while putting on a jumper it was the tiniest chain that you could imagine but it had sentimental value.

Took it to the jewellers to see if they could fix it but was told that it was to thin and would only melt if they tried to fix it.

Pawn shop down the street so we tried in there and they could not fix it either and they had no small chains that we could buy.

We were about to walk out of the shop and the assistant says we buy old gold if you want to sell it.

So she weighed it and said she would give us £20 for it.

I could not believe you could get £20 for a tiny chain like that.

Years ago we would just have dumped it but anyone else got any old broken chains you know where to take them.

Well we now have £20 towards a new chain and glad we went into the 2nd shop.

The darkness

That was funny and with the price of gold heading for $2.000 an ounce well worth getting into the old jewellery boxes to see what you can find that you never use.

  theDarkness 19 Aug 11

yep, the trick seems to be to sell it to almost anyone that isnt a heavily advertising sole 'little money for all your gold' company :) theres hundreds of copycat companies now to the above, whether originally from the usa or not, all over here knowing the price of gold has increased so much in the last couple of years. If you have alot of gold its always a good idea to give it to a real jewellers to find out its true worth. If you then know whats its worth, sell it back to them if possible (or as you did above, sell elsewhere) for as near to the stated possible, value as possible.. but NEVER EVER post it in an envelope, to anyone! lol ;)

  Colonel Graham 20 Aug 11


I must take you to task, they can safely post it to me.

  theDarkness 20 Aug 11

..do you work for them? :) despite how GENUINE and HAPPY the people in that advert were above, something just didnt seem right. LOL

  theDarkness 20 Aug 11
  interzone55 20 Aug 11

Well this company seem honest :-)


  Aitchbee 20 Aug 11

buteman, you said - That was funny and with the price of gold heading for $2.000 an ounce well worth getting into the old jewellery boxes to see what you can find that you never use. Is that $2 or $2,000? ...pardon my ignorance.

  Forum Editor 20 Aug 11


When the market closed yesterday (Friday) Gold had settled at around $1850 an ounce. That price is the result of overbuying, driven by panic. People are looking to gold as a safe haven, rather than the US dollar, and not just gold - silver is rising, too.

  Quickbeam 20 Aug 11

Even Blofeld will be pleased with the steady rise over the last few years.


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