Identification longshot/Talking Point Number 9

  Brumas 23:46 13 Apr 07

I do not think this is a British warship. I couldn’t see anything similar in Jane’s fighting ships of World War 2 so I presume it is a ‘relic’ from the first war?

click here

  bennyhillslovechild 23:59 13 Apr 07

I wouldn't know - but it does look remarkably similar to some of here

  WhiteTruckMan 00:45 14 Apr 07

click here

Not sure which one of the class.


  laurie53 08:09 14 Apr 07

Not arguing with anyone, just interested - why was there a Duke of Edinburgh class in those far off days?


  Brumas 09:09 14 Apr 07

Spot on, I'm impressed! I shall really have to delve to the bottom of the pile to find something more taxing - just you wait!!!

  Bingalau 09:44 14 Apr 07

Brumas. Us ex-RN/RM lads never got a chance at that one probably because we go to bed early to get our beauty sleep...

  Woolwell 10:28 14 Apr 07

laurie 53

Duke of Edinburgh - title given to members of the Royal family. Alfred second son of Queen Victoria was probably the one the class of ships was named after click here
He also laid the foundation stone for Smeaton's Tower which is now on Plymouth Hoe click here's%20Tower.htm

  WhiteTruckMan 10:30 14 Apr 07

Your second link doesnt work. Can you have another go please?


  Woolwell 14:29 14 Apr 07

Trying again
click here's%20Tower.htm

  Woolwell 14:34 14 Apr 07

Hm! Cannot make that link work. Try this click here then click on Smeatons Tower

  Brumas 14:42 14 Apr 07

So, Sleeping Beauty was a matelot/bootneck then - well she must have been because any ex matelot/bootneck would need at least 100 years kip to wake up looking at least half beautiful ;o)

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