Identification longshot/Talking Point Number 8

  Brumas 23:02 06 Apr 07

Two minutes eh!
Still smarting from my mauling I offer this building believed to be a Kirk or Manse somewhere in Scotland. I say Scotland because it was amongst a batch of Scottish postcards obtained from a wee shop in Fort William ages ago.

click here

  WhiteTruckMan 23:31 06 Apr 07

its a wesleyen chapel I've seen or driven past sometime a long time ago. I've spent quite a few minutes staring at the pic but it just won't come. Have to sleep on it, maybe that might help.


  Brumas 23:37 06 Apr 07

It certainly has an unusual chimney arrangement so I expect that would have stuck in your mind - however with the vast amount of mileage I imagine you do, unless you have a photographic memory, I would think it will certainly take longer then 2 minutes :o)

  Woolwell 23:38 06 Apr 07

I've not seen a Wesleyan chapel that looks like that. Church of Scotland?

  WhiteTruckMan 23:42 06 Apr 07

down every road in britain. It merely feels like that sometimes. And the deja vu feeling i sometimes get when I am lost usually amount to "I was lost here before, last year!"


  WhiteTruckMan 00:00 07 Apr 07

the more I think its not a (regular) church at all. I dont think a church would have fireplace(s) or sash windows. And the fancy device atop the nearest gable end doesnt have the proportions of a christian cross. Just above the horizontal member theres another one smaller but at an angle, like a weather vane. And you wouldnt have that as part of a cross.

And if it was some form of church hall I would have thought there would be some form of sign outside. At least a noticeboard. However there's something to the right of the door which just might be that.

Some form of rectory/manse, perhaps?


  Forum Editor 01:19 07 Apr 07

At first I thought it was a house, but now I'm not sure. What introduced a dobt was the fact that it has three chimneys, all at one end of the building, which means that's where the fireplaces were/are, too.

If that's the case I'm inclined to think the rooms inside might be large, and run the whole length of the building, at least on the ground floor anyway - the first floor could have two fireplaces in adjacent rooms.

Perhaps it was the village schoolhouse?

  Bingalau 09:07 07 Apr 07

I've just had a look at the cross thing on Photoshop and when enlarged it looks more like a weather vane. You can see quite distinctly the East and West signs and the direction arrow on the top of the whole arrangement. Very elaborate it looks too. I think the FE is correct and it is more like a village school.

  PurplePenny 12:13 07 Apr 07

I'm with FE - my first thought was schoolhouse. My next thought was doctor's house (no idea why).

  johndrew 12:31 07 Apr 07

Did villages have `Poor Houses` around the time this would have been built?

  Brumas 14:04 07 Apr 07

Wee Eddy - Laurie, where are you? We need some Scottish Expertise on this!

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