Identification longshot/Talking Point Number 72

  Brumas 20:55 04 Apr 08

Hard really to describe what all this is about , so I shall leave it to you all to make of it what you will?
No clues on the back, it had been stuck in an album for some time and still bears the traces of the page it was ripped off!
click here

  csqwared 21:09 04 Apr 08

At first glance it looks European rather than England, just going by the chevron covered "sentry box" and the slope on the house roof. It looks to me like lines of washing at the back left of the picture, and given the date - First World war - wondered if it might be some kind of detainee centre.

  Bingalau 21:10 04 Apr 08

Brumas. If you are waiting for me to contribute to this one, I don't think I will be able to give any reasonable ideas. The Pusser's sentry box in the middle of nowhere puzzles me as do the lack of women in the photo, There seem to be a few different uniforms around the place. Wonder if it is a POW camp somewhere? Is that a frozen lake? What are the numbered posts for?

  Brumas 21:11 04 Apr 08

Yup - I think I managed to work that out ;o))

  Bingalau 21:12 04 Apr 08

Can't be a frozen lake there are too many people in shirt sleeves. I take that bit back.

  Bingalau 21:14 04 Apr 08

It could be the kind of postcard or photo that the troops might have been able to send home at that time from a POW camp.

  octal 21:21 04 Apr 08

Could be Butlins!

  interzone55 21:21 04 Apr 08

Haven't a clue beyond the fact that it looks like an internment camp of some kind.

The words "A Merry Xmas 1917" intrigue me, I thought the slovenly shortening of Christmas to Xmas was a modern trend.

  Brumas 21:27 04 Apr 08

My sarcastic response was intended for your first comment :)

  csqwared 21:32 04 Apr 08

This site click here could be a lead - it seems that neutral Denmark had "POW" camps but these were for "protection, healin and recovery". In view of the apparent "ease" in which the people in the photo are able to move about, might this be an option?

  rossgolf 21:38 04 Apr 08

is that sheep at the top left or is it just me?

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