Identification longshot/Talking Point Number 60

  Brumas 20:55 08 Feb 08

I am a little early tonight as I am expecting a phone call around 21:00.

click here
click here

What seems to be a grand thoroughfare, lined with striking stone columns, each supporting a spherical metal sculpture?
Again these are unposted and have a standard back template – absolutely no clues at all!
To me, not a frequent visitor, it looks a bit like The Mall in London leading up to Buckingham Palace?

  alB 21:33 08 Feb 08

Could it be the Champs Elysee (Place De La Concorde end) in Paris ...alB

  Bingalau 21:34 08 Feb 08

I think you may be right about the end of WW1. I've just lightened it up a god deal in Photoshop and once again I will try to put them on here.. Lovely car in the foreground of what seems like the Mall from Buckingham Palace end. Even the shape of the gardens look like the ones there now.

  cycoze 21:34 08 Feb 08

I think it is The Mall, will search on...

  cycoze 21:37 08 Feb 08

Have a look at this image click here taken from same angle as shot two.

  cycoze 21:38 08 Feb 08

Link locked up, never mind here is a similar shot click here

  Bingalau 21:39 08 Feb 08

Here's one of them I hope. Still not 100% sure how to do this...

click here

  Coffee Adict 21:40 08 Feb 08

Just beat me there, was about to post same picture. That statue looks identical to me.

  Bingalau 21:47 08 Feb 08

Sorry about that last one, this is the enlightened one...

click here

  Woolwell 21:47 08 Feb 08

The Mall doesn't look like that now. Are they temporary structures?
On balance I don't think it is The Mall in London but I've ben wrong before with these postcards.

  Woolwell 21:50 08 Feb 08

Now find that I have to agree with cycoze - well done.

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