Identification longshot/Talking Point Number 25

  Brumas 23:36 31 Aug 07

A couple of fine upstanding ‘Specials’ of the ‘City of….?
These two un-posted postcards WW1? Postcards have no clues on the reverse apart from the endorsement “Photograph by H.Tewson, Rembrandt Studio, 23a Queen’s Arcade, Leeds”
If these were Special Constables would they be wearing a mixture of civilian and official clothing? Could they be Special Constables working for a Railway Company?

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  Bingalau 11:43 01 Sep 07

Brumas. Just had a shuffti on photoshop at your pictures, The armbands show them to be special constables, the cap badge looks to depict a bridge of some kind. So if anybody knows a city who's badge has one as its logo??? But if the pics were from a studio in Leeds then perhaps that is the place they worked in. We have our own railway police up here, so maybe they did in those days too.

  Aargh 11:46 01 Sep 07

My guess is these upstanding chaps are Specials working for The City of Derby where theMidland Railway Police were based.

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  wolfie3000 12:20 01 Sep 07

Did a bit of photoshopping myself if it helps,

Photo 1

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Photo 2

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Its not much but it might help, good luck

  Brumas 12:26 01 Sep 07

It seems we are in agreement with them being Special Constables for a Railway company - if only someone could recognise the badge!

  wolfie3000 12:28 01 Sep 07

My father worked on the trains for many years i will e-mail him this webpage and see what he says.

Might take a while for a response as hes always busy.

  Brumas 14:26 01 Sep 07

Cheers wolfie.

  wolfie3000 16:41 01 Sep 07

My father just rang me to say he doesn't have a clue,


  Brumas 18:27 01 Sep 07

Ah well, thanks for trying.

  Woolwell 20:35 01 Sep 07

Don't think that it is anything to do with railways. These appear to be special constables of a city police force. A quick search on the internet shows that many forces had special constables during the first world war and these wore armlets and a mix of civilian and uniform clothing.

Problem is which city?

  Bingalau 21:32 01 Sep 07

Woolwell. If the photo's were taken in a studio in Leeds, then I would hazard a guess that Leeds is the city they operated in.

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