Identification longshot/Talking Point Number 20

  Brumas 22:16 07 Jul 07

As number 19 was positively identified so quickly I thought I may as well offer another puzzle, one not set in the UK, which may prove a little trickier!

This appears to be some kind of military enclave in an Eastern/Middle Eastern location.
The person who identifies the soldier as well gets full marks – only joking!

click here

  Brumas 22:28 07 Jul 07

Come on, come on, what's keeping you lot - you've had 12 minutes already ;o)

  anskyber 22:54 07 Jul 07

India, Calcutta.

  Brumas 23:06 07 Jul 07

Looks pretty grim, was you unfortunate enough to be stationed there?

  Bingalau 10:07 08 Jul 07

Looks familiar to me, but as I am just off out on the booze I will have to give it a good coat of "Looking At" later.... By the way the soldier is Private John Smith of the King's Liverpool regiment. I've forgotten his number..

  Brumas 10:54 08 Jul 07

Looks more like WRAC NELL.Eskimo, late of the 31st Foot&Mouth (Formby Detachment). They built them big and strong in those days ;o)

  Guardianangel 11:54 08 Jul 07

That's a bit out of my league and I've never been to India.

  Kate B 12:58 08 Jul 07

I'd guess India, too, from the solid Victorian building that dominates it. It looks a bit like where the Taj hotel stands in Mumbai click here and click here and according to Wikipedia, there was a tram route in that part of the city. But I'm not sure, I certainly wouldn't swear to it.

  Stuartli 15:20 08 Jul 07

Scrolling down to the section Between The Wars here:

click here

lists the King's Regiment and associated units areas of service - it includes India.

The wording of this paragraph will bring a sense of deja vu:

Iraq. In 1920-21 the 96th was stationed in Iraq, losing 134 dead when a column was overwhelmed near Hillah by rebel tribesmen. Captain Henderson, who died fighting, was awarded a VC. The 2nd King’s were based in Baghdad 1925-27, when they handed over to the newly-formed Iraqi army.

  Brumas 19:50 08 Jul 07

The buildings do look quite the sameshape/style in the second link, so it looks like it could be India.

  Brumas 19:52 08 Jul 07

Very,very interesting link. As for the deja vu - quite spooky really!

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