Identification longshot/Talking Point Number 19

  Brumas 19:19 07 Jul 07

Unfortunately the bottom of this postcard has suffered from being damp and the subsequent curling and deterioration on drying. A pity really because the title has now disappeared!

This is a typical scene in a high street of a Wessex town, possibly in the 30s/40s? Can anyone identify where?

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  Guardianangel 19:45 07 Jul 07

How about Dorchester:
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  rdave13 19:58 07 Jul 07

I think you are a genius!

  Kate B 20:03 07 Jul 07

Definitely Dorchester - I don't even have to look at Guardianangel's link!

  rdave13 20:14 07 Jul 07

Oh well, you seem to know the area well..:)

I was comparing both links and it's the same place I think.

click here

click here

  Kate B 20:16 07 Jul 07

I do know it well - I did my degree in Weymouth, and my mother now lives about five minutes from where that photograph was taken.

  rdave13 20:20 07 Jul 07

Another virtual pint to Guardianangel I believe. Hope you two don't meet in "real" life as you'll be paying a hefty round :¬(

  laurie53 20:21 07 Jul 07

So where is this in relation to the Horse with the Red Umbrella?

That's about all I can remember of Dorchester (it's 25 years), except for the fact that it's a lovely place.


  Jim Thing 20:53 07 Jul 07

...that was quick!

If it still matters, I think the photo must have been taken either shortly before or shortly after the 1939-1945 war; the cars facing the camera don't seem to have wartime louvred headlight shrouds.

  Brumas 21:19 07 Jul 07

Another one bites the dust - well done Guardianangel and thanks Rdave13 for the comparison.

As for the virtual pint - I shall have to put it on the slate :o)

  Guardianangel 21:35 07 Jul 07

Thanks for the pint ;-)

Nice place Dorchester but a long time since I visited.

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