Identification Longshot/Talking Point 691 This is not spam

  Brumas 21:00 PM 06 Jul 12

Good Evening All.

We’ll start off with an easy one ;o}

click here

  Brumas 21:01 PM 06 Jul 12

Looks like I shall have to slightly change my heading as I couldn't proceed unless I added those extra words !!

  Quickbeam 21:05 PM 06 Jul 12

Just change Longshot/Talking to Longshot Talking.

It doesn't look much like an early spam factory to me either:)

  Macscouse 21:05 PM 06 Jul 12


  john bunyan 21:06 PM 06 Jul 12

London or Liverpool?

  Woolwell 21:07 PM 06 Jul 12

London Convent Garden?

  Quickbeam 21:08 PM 06 Jul 12

It reminds me of the old Covent Garden entrance from that old card programme a while back.

  Brumas 21:10 PM 06 Jul 12

It is London, perhaps ole' FE will have a crack at it ;o}

  Nontek 21:10 PM 06 Jul 12

Eton perhaps, judging by the titfers.

  Brumas 21:12 PM 06 Jul 12

Quickbeam You must have read my mind, henceforth it shall be known as * Identification Longshot and Talking Point*

  Quickbeam 21:12 PM 06 Jul 12

It's not the site of the new Shard building is it?


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