Identification Longshot/Talking Point 636

  Brumas 21:20 PM 30 Mar 12

Good Evening All. Whilst we are at it...

click here

  birdface 21:24 PM 30 Mar 12

Guess.Helensburgh or Craigendoran.

  Quickbeam 21:26 PM 30 Mar 12

Definitely another pier.

  Quickbeam 21:29 PM 30 Mar 12

...and a seaside one too I note.

  john bunyan 21:30 PM 30 Mar 12

Blackpool pier?

  Quickbeam 21:31 PM 30 Mar 12

I don't miss much me y'kna;)

  asmara0208 21:31 PM 30 Mar 12

Pier or breakwater - very calm on the right

  Brumas 21:34 PM 30 Mar 12

buteman, you'll have to make your mind up old pal!

  zzzz999 21:34 PM 30 Mar 12


  Bingalau 21:35 PM 30 Mar 12

I have never known john bunyan to be so far out. If it is one of the Blackpool piers I will tear a tissue!

  birdface 21:35 PM 30 Mar 12

Not unlike Blackpool pier.


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