Identification Longshot/Talking Point 629

  Brumas 16 Mar 12

Good Evening All.

Told you it was easy ;o} Now pick the bones out of this one! click here

  Macscouse 16 Mar 12

Is this on the Moray Firth?

  Bingalau 16 Mar 12

Looks like it could be a famous person's burial place. Probably up in the wilds of Scotland. (or Ireland).

  Quickbeam 16 Mar 12

All public fountains could end up guarded like this if the water shortage gets out of control!

  Quickbeam 16 Mar 12

Looks like a fountain basin on the front to me.

  john bunyan 16 Mar 12

I agree with Bingalau re Scotland or Ireland - maybe?

  Quickbeam 16 Mar 12

Do dead Celts need to wash their plaid very often?

  Brumas 16 Mar 12

Macscouse more like the Firth Of Clyde.

  Macscouse 16 Mar 12

They used to have public toilets like this built into the Links along the Moray Firth. You had to go down about fifteen feet into the bowels of the earth.

  Brumas 16 Mar 12

Quickbeam depends on how they were kilt ;o}

  Quickbeam 16 Mar 12

Well it won't be for washing underwear...


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