Identification Longshot/Talking Point 562

  Brumas 20:59 18 Nov 11

Good Evening All

Until last week I was blissfully unaware of Google Image search but now that I am aware how easy it is to use I personally think it’s use in solving my posers would be defeating the whole object of the exercise i.e. using the old grey cells and the thrill of the chase!!

I may be an old stick in the mud but, silly though it sounds, to me it is not playing the game. It takes all the fun out of it. It is rather like reading the first chapter of a murder mystery then going straight to the last page to find out whodunnit rather then using your brain and working it all out for yourself!' Anyhow, enough of my nit pickings..... what do you 'orrible lot think?

Using Google Image Search if you must; can anyone tell me who, what, when and where? ;o}

  iambeavis 21:02 18 Nov 11

What's Google Image search?

  QuizMan 21:02 18 Nov 11

What 'orrible lot?

  Macscouse 21:02 18 Nov 11

I agree, Sir. Now can I have my weekly fix?

  birdface 21:02 18 Nov 11

Yes it's Peter Brady.

  octal 21:03 18 Nov 11

Wot no link?

  Aitchbee 21:04 18 Nov 11

Brumas, I use books , is that ok?

  Brumas 21:04 18 Nov 11

Now that I have your attention (I forgot the link DUH) click here

  iambeavis 21:05 18 Nov 11

Part of a museum exhibit?

  Brumas 21:05 18 Nov 11

AitchBEE Now you are talking serious Brownie Points ;o}

  birdface 21:06 18 Nov 11

It wasn't Peter Brady then.Thought that I had cracked it.

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