Identification Longshot/Talking Point 554

  Brumas 04 Nov 11

Good Evening All Wonder if morddwyd has stopped here at his convenience? ;o} click here

  badgery 04 Nov 11

Castle Douglas

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 04 Nov 11


  badgery 04 Nov 11

Often stopped there on the way to the Cally Palace at Gatehouse of Fleet, at my convenience, of course.

  Brumas 04 Nov 11

badgery, Well Done, King Street and Clock Tower, Castle Douglas.

  badgery 04 Nov 11


Thanks, first time I've ever got one - and that's on the same night that fourm member agreed with me about something!!

There's magic in the air, tonight!

  Brumas 04 Nov 11

badgery, bottle it and we'll make a fortune ;o}}

  badgery 05 Nov 11


No offence, but I'd prefer if "we'll" was replaced by "you'll" in your last sentence!! Unless, of course, you already own a happiness bottling plant - then we might deal.(;-)

  Brumas 05 Nov 11

badgery, LOL.

  Aitchbee 05 Nov 11

Brumas & badgery - Ken Dodd had the right idea...he recorded 'Happiness', ingrained it on to a bit of vinyl, and then recorded 'Tears'...for souvenirs....

  morddwyd 05 Nov 11

Got it in one, and you are right, Brumas, many times!

Well remembered!


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