Identification Longshot/Talking Point 543

  Brumas 22:33 PM 21 Oct 11

Good Evening All. Back in the days when I was a Spain Trotter.... click here

  alB 22:38 PM 21 Oct 11

Manchester Central ...alB

  onionskin 22:39 PM 21 Oct 11

That's G-Mex.

  birdface 22:39 PM 21 Oct 11

Could be machester central.

  onionskin 22:40 PM 21 Oct 11

Was G-Mex.

  Brumas 22:40 PM 21 Oct 11

alB, Well Done.

  octal 22:42 PM 21 Oct 11

Looks like it here

  Quickbeam 08:21 AM 22 Oct 11

The photo is incredibly Lowry-esque, isn't it.

  Crosstrainer2 08:28 AM 22 Oct 11

Were my post's deleted for a reason? Otr is it just the meds?


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