Identification Longshot/Talking Point 528

  Brumas 21:24 23 Sep 11

Good Evening All. Did you lot sleep in the knife drawer last night? Stretch your old grey cells over this one! click here

  Bingalau 21:28 23 Sep 11

Port Sunlight, Wirral.

  Bingalau 21:29 23 Sep 11

War Memorial, Port Sunlight.

  Aitchbee 21:35 23 Sep 11

Brumas - some of my green tomatoes spent the night in a drawer with 2 bananas. I have not had a look yet. They are exchanging gases.

  Brumas 21:36 23 Sep 11

A Frayed Knott ;o}}

  Macscouse 21:38 23 Sep 11

Judging by the lack of traffic, and the clothing, it must be a Boer war monument.

  QuizMan 21:40 23 Sep 11

AitchBEE - glad to hear you took me up on my suggestion

  Aitchbee 21:48 23 Sep 11

Quizman - I'll leave them to it.

  Brumas 21:49 23 Sep 11

A clue, it is in England.

  Aitchbee 21:55 23 Sep 11

Did the young mums get their prams on in those days?

  Brumas 22:08 23 Sep 11

Lazarus The 2nd, wrong coloured rose ;o{


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