Identification Longshot/Talking Point 525

  Brumas 22:59 PM 16 Sep 11

Good Evening All. Must have a nice lump of water and doesn’t that look like an old MTB moored in the creek? click here

  Macscouse 23:03 PM 16 Sep 11

A Norfolk scene?

  Aitchbee 23:05 PM 16 Sep 11

I don't know about nice lump of water...isn't that a small discharge pipe in the bottom RH corner? What's an MTB?

  Brumas 23:09 PM 16 Sep 11

Macscouse, coincidentally, it is not a million miles from the location of 523.

  Brumas 23:11 PM 16 Sep 11

AitchBEE, click here

  iambeavis 23:15 PM 16 Sep 11

Near Shoreham?

  iambeavis 23:21 PM 16 Sep 11

MTBs were built at Littlehampton... I think.

  Brumas 23:25 PM 16 Sep 11

Lazarus The 2nd, go back west young man and a little inland!

  Aitchbee 23:26 PM 16 Sep 11

Brumas, I would like one for Christmas. Santa will know what I mean when I just say MTB, please.

  Brumas 23:33 PM 16 Sep 11

AitchBEE,LOL, fat chance, any going spare I'm first on his list!

  Brumas 23:35 PM 16 Sep 11

A clue before I turn in, it is between the A27 and the sea.


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