Identification Longshot/Talking Point 505

  Brumas 21:22 PM 19 Aug 11

Good Evening All. A not so busy scene although the lad on the bike seems to be in a tearing hurry. click here

  octal 21:24 PM 19 Aug 11

You like your town centre monuments don't you? :)

  Brumas 21:27 PM 19 Aug 11

octal, shucks, you noticed ;o} After 'lumps' of water, unspoilt town centres come second in my likes list.

  birdface 21:30 PM 19 Aug 11
  Brumas 21:33 PM 19 Aug 11

buteman, Well Done

  rdave13 21:33 PM 19 Aug 11


You're becoming an expert!!

  birdface 21:35 PM 19 Aug 11


It was easy.that was me on the bike.

  Aitchbee 21:36 PM 19 Aug 11

Llandudno - it's a guess, this time.

  Brumas 21:39 PM 19 Aug 11

AitchBEE, pay attention there at the back or you will have to stand in the corner with that pointy hat on ;o}}

  Aitchbee 21:40 PM 19 Aug 11

Where is Ulverston? - Brumas

  Aitchbee 21:43 PM 19 Aug 11

Brumas - It sounds like Kate Silverston the news girl.


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